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Final Results

The 38th annual March fishing derby sponsored by Blue ridge Riders has come to an end. The derby winners for Togue are 1st: George Burgess 4.37lbs 23″ 2nd: Jaxon O’boyle 3.94lbs 22.5″  3rd: Kevin Westfairlee 3.90lbs 22.5″ .  Salmon  1st: Mark Westbrook 3.79lbs 22.5″  2nd” Dawn Daigle 3.57lbs 22″  3rd: Dave Langeila 3.39lbs 21″.  Brook Trout  1st: Kurt Humphrey 2.08lbs 18.5″  2nd: Justin Ottmann 2.01lbs 19.5″  3rd: Rick Bedard 1.93lbs 18.5″.  Largest cusk: Bill Leeds 6.35lbs 28″. I just want to thank everyone who donated their time, and raffle items to make this one of the biggest derby’s yet. Congratulations
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Final Day

Morning: 15 above with a N.W. breeze. Derby standings as of Sat. morning. Togue 3.72 lb. 23 in. 2nd 3.36lb 22 in. 3rd 3.33 lb 22 in. Salmon 1st 3.57 lb. 22 in. 2nd 3.39 lb. 21 in. 3rd 3.04 lb. 21 in. Brook Trout 1st 1.93 lb. 18 1/2 in. 2nd 1.89 lb. 17 1/2 in. 3rd 1.65 lb. 16 in. and Cusk 4.42 lb. 26 in.  Scales close at 4 PM sharp. Diner and awards banquet begins at 5 PM at the community building. Groomers where out last night. Ride safe and stay to the right Brad
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Derby Time

MORNING: 3 above and clear. Derby standings as of Friday morning: Togue 1st 3.33 lb. 22 in. 2nd 3 3o lb. 22 1/2 in. 3rd 3.04 lb. 22 in. Salmon 1st 3.57 lb. 22 in. 2nd 3.04 lb. 21 in. 3rd 2.96 lb. 21 in. Brook Trout 1st 1.65 lb. 16 in. 2nd OPEN 3rd OPEN and Cusk 4.42 lb. 26 in. Ride safe and stay to the right. Brad
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