Welcome to Moosehead Lake

Snowmobile Mount KineoThe Moosehead Lake Region is a world class snowmobiling destination. Snowfall is generally early and plentiful. Several local clubs and a dedicated group of groomers keep the hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails well-marked and in excellent condition.

The Moosehead Trail offers 160 miles of spectacular riding, with stunning views and convenient stops for food and gas along the way. From here the trails join the Maine Interconnecting Trail System. Avid riders can easily explore other parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Canada.

Trail condition reports are easily accessible. Feel free to contact us for the most up-to-date conditions on the trails, lakes and pond in the area. The best conditions are from January to mid March, but will vary depending on weather conditions.

Rockwood, Maine is just a few minutes from Greenville. In Rockwood, Mount Kineo rises majestically out of the water forming a sheer cliff, 700 feet straight up one side and rolling down to the water’s edge on tree-studded rock formations on the other; a thing of beauty unrivaled in the Eastern United States. The early Indians came from afar to obtain the peculiar green flint of Kineo to make arrowheads and other stone implements. With your back to the Blue Ridge Mountains, on Route 15 looking across Moosehead Lake onto Mount Kineo, our great Indian Chief profile can be seen.

The Rockwood/Greenville area has many services available for the sportsman and family vacationer. Local accommodations include housekeeping cottages, hotels, motels, lodges and campgrounds, all ready to satisfy the vacationing traveler. You will find all you need locally. When you’re in the area, take advantage of the local gift shops or fine family dining, visit one of the many tourist attractions, or just sit back and relax in your room anticipating the next days snowmobile ride.Moosehead Sled Trail Sign

Watch for our signs on the trails!